Monday, March 29, 2010

Facebook status.

Current Facebook status :

Allah menduga, tp disebalik setiap dugaan itu ada seribu hikmah. and sometimes we focus on the test so much that we're blinded by the other good things that come with that test.


why is it this status?


1) I get a hold on-michael buble song from the two most important people in my life.

2) I get Anisah Ali who has a blog post like this *click* and who successfully made my eyes tear.

3) My hijau team wins ping pong, gets through to futsal quarterfinals. haha.

4) I get Nabila and her sweet loving *kakak*ly acts.

5) I get Fatin Nur Atiqah and her rub me back sessions.

6) I get love from Malaysia.

7) I get my umi come over even if for one day.

8) I get my baba and his calls.

9) I got to finish TLOA. wuhoo. 

10) I found a MC partner.

11) I dont have to do ANYTHING for this PBL.

12) I get to masak on Fridays now instead of Sundays.

13) I get my husband/wife on my side. :D

14) I brought gifts for the ahli panel dengan berjaya.

15) I have a *:kp, :k, and bak : )* who I know I can count on. :) 

Last but not least, I get Allah on my side, always, no matter what happens. How I know this? well, because I actually have so much more than just these 15 things that make me smile and be grateful for besides that one thing thats bringing me down. :)

in the end, for everything that happens in life,

Allah knows best.