Saturday, May 3, 2008

snot disorder...

"o yuhoooo, yuhooo boys, over here"... She flutters her eyes excessively..

the problem is: not a single generation of the male species turns.

She tries again.. "Yuhooo, boys, look at me, Im gorgeous!O yuhooo!!"

again : not one of them turns.

Alia : You noe wat sam, I think it'd be best if u just toned it down a little, u noe this whole "boy calling thing". Its disgusting.

Sam : No way, how cud I ever stop. Its just wat I do and wat I have to do. Omg, hang on alia, u arent jealous are you??Omg, look at u, u are arent u!!

Alia : Jealous?Me? O no no no no. Why on earth wud I be jealous. U noe honestly sam, if u keep on doing this, the guys who meet u will start loving their dogs more.

Sam : HUUUH, how could u say such a thing Alia!! Thats just not nice..Im upset and dissapointed with u..!!

Alia : No really, seriously, their dogs wud look tonnes more attractive. Anyways why shud I be caring about u being dissapointed with me...?

Sam : Well, because ur my friend, and therefore u shud be caring.

Alia : no no, I dont consider people who sell themselves to boys so cheap as my friends. If they do that, then theyre just considered pieces of rotten meat.

Sam : *sobs*

Alia : ..........

Sam : *sobs*

Alia : .......

Sam ; *wails*, then shrieks.

Alia : ...............

Sam : Omg Alia! Cant u see that Im crying, *sobs*, do something about it.!

A boy passes by : Im sorry miss, are u alright??

Sam(extremely pleased and flirtatious) : o yes, im ok, its just my friend here, she's not doing anything to stop me from crying.

The boy : Well, duhh, of course she wudnt, uve got big clots of snot running down ur nose. Eeww, get a tissue or sumthing..

Alia : parapampampa, Im loving it...

The boy and Alia went and had lunch. Samantha on the other hand, was left with an excessive-flow-of-snot disorder..

The moral of the story : Nothing really. O hang on there is actually.

GIRLS!!Please dont sell urselves so easily. Its a disgusting and unlikeable habit. If u do, beware of the snot disorder, it'll come and haunt u!!!

I shall track ur grave...!

!!! Line up pls!!!

One by one, they go, me being the first in the line..Yup, this is what I feel when I do Mechanics. I feel robotic, I feel like Im used, I feel that my pride has been tarnished, I feel that, eh sudah la tu, byk sgt pulak I feel nye..

So, for my glorious A LEVEL studies, I have been forced or rather summoned to do Mechanics. Its cruel cruella davill(ok hang on, how do u spell her name agn?). How can anybody force someone to take that wretched subject. Honestly Mechanics??! EEEWWWW!!!!
U see, I have found a conclusion, and that is that college will allways burden u with unneccessary subjects.. For example, during my first sem, I had to do that horrible Thinking Skills paper, and only when I realised how carefree and relaxed Id be for A2, they tell me I have to take Mechanics. Come on people, didnt ur forefathers teach u KINDNESS!!!

So here I am, contemplating on the fact that I was not born to beat Einstein, neither was I born to help the society mathematically, and neither was I born to create equations. I just suck at that ok. Its not my niche. Its a burden. Spell it out maestros, B-U-R-D-E-N!! So after much rebellious acts, which at all of them, I failed, I am going to be sitting for that paper on the 28th of May. That day, that horrible day. I shall remember it till I die. Not only will it just be Mechanics, the examination board thought it'd be fun if we had Chemistry too. U noe, like
Examiner No 1: "Hey I have an idea guys. Lets kill the students, why not have both chem and mechanics on the same day, itll be like a little fun and exciting mass murder only less sinful, wat do u reckon?"
Examiner No 2: " Yeah, I think that wud be superb. We cud even have a little barbecue over their splattered exploded pieces of brain"
Examiner No.3: "OMG!!That sounds so fun. Ok barbecue at my house on the eve of 28th of May rite. Meet u guys there!"

The victims : the students of course.duhhh!! One of them , me, myself, I, saya, daku, moi, ich, ana, kana, mana, dana, sana, pergi.. (clearly the madness can be noted oredi)

A shout out to whoever who invented Mechanics.. WAT WERE U EVEN THINKING nincompoop!!! I shall track ur grave, and dig it!! Lets see how much ur equations can help u then..!!Muaahahahaha!!!

ps: this is pms (pre mechanics syndrome). Pls excuse my grumpyness and psychoness.

Urs sincerely,
Alia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx