Thursday, March 25, 2010

hijau dan bowling.

i read this blog . sila klik. and honestly shida, you mmg kentut. kamu mmg hebat, no matter what happened. that i know. competing is not mainly about winning, its about enjoying having people around you, knowing that there's always supporters, knowing that whatever you feel, your teammates will feel. That's the beauty of sports. Winning is obviously a sweet bonus, tp in the end the adrenaline and endorphins released are mainly so that we feel the fun, the excitement, and the ecstacy of that sport.

Kamu dah buat yang terbaik la. Serious. nk tgk alia bowl? mmg sumpah kamu gelak berguling2 masuk the bowling alley, and then i would have gotten a strike because of you.

Saya kagum dgn org2 yang pandai bowling, sbb tgk mcm ada style je nk baling bola tu, nk baling pun ada gaya, klu alia baling mmg gelabah la. ke mane tah bola tu. skali skala je dpt jatuhkan pin.tu pun maybe satu pin. klu dpt strike mmg patut buat kenduri syukur. 

You dont have to prove to anyone, I know you're superb at bowling at heart.wakil skolah kan! Cuma semalam shida kene main lambat kan, dh penat, and then dh la pressure tgk team2 sbelum tu main, pastu nk kene main 3 games. mmg letih. saya tgk pun letih, tp biasalah saya, klu tak over tu bkn puteri alia kan. haha. 

Soo, the conclusion is. hijau mmg rock, menang atau kalah, cos in the end we know we've got each other kan?

meh sini meh, group hug. :)