Friday, October 3, 2008

the pleasures of tv..

"mcdreamy did a mcnasty with mchottie. that mcbastard!!"

i L.O.V.E greys anatomy.

when deens makes als a kid..!

Children can really suck you into their world..And dang do they do it well..a classic example..

so here we are, one 7, the other one 18, both crazy mentally, in a hotel in my favourite city, Penang.. O how I love Penang. The rich culture and the thick gorgeous "che' nak pi sana sat" kinda accent. So when the boys are away, the girls take on the world, or the camera at the very least..

shes the most cutest loveliest sportiest babes in the world.. i LuV her to BitS..!!

aFTER all, there's always a retarded crazy side in all of us..!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what is left of my Jordan memories..


The day we left KLIA for Queen Alia International Airport. The day memories formed.

The places that lead us to the apartment :

1) the row of shops

2) the construction site

3)"the" stairs..

4) the second hill that caused much pain and huffs.our apartment is the one with that little green door.

5) the view from our apartment

6) our living room

7) our bedroom

The places that lead to the university :

1) the bus

2) the Malaysian backrow

3) what normally happens in the bus

4) the mosque we alwways pray at, and also the place that marks that we have finally reached the uni.

5)the walkway to the uni

6) the class

the memoirs...

the zarqa fam...

the litle girl that has the smile of an angel..

the day everyone took care of my flu, especially nys and her fruity yoghurt..!!luv ya!

the flu bug

the Al and the Nys

when there were 3 of us =P

at the dead sea

mayah's secret admirer..

the day mardhiah found out the guy above liked her..

the day IGCSE diDNT change our lives at all

mkn smpai terkluar2 the spirit of a ture champion kak mawah!! =P

the eating contest. Kak Mawah winner, me runner up, nunu 3rd, nisa 4th, and of course, mayah 5th..

and many more amazing and beautiful memories captured and not captured....

an experience of a lifetime!! im missing the jordan memories. Alot.

the things that happen during terawih..

During this past Ramadhan, Ive had the pleasure of ample time to google my eyes and observe peoples actions in the mosque, thanks to no exams, and assignments, and more exams..

So heres wat Ive seen for the past 24 days :

1) The first day of terawih is always the fullest. People literally pray til outside the mosque. And dang its hot if u dont get the first saff..

2) On the second week of terawih, there's only 4 complete saffs.

3) People burp their food out with no shame. And they smile later. Here's the chronology of the event
"burrrrppp, looks at me, the rotten smell of everything seeps into my nose, and
then they say ooopps, and smile."

3) Ive smelt more petai smelling burps than anything else. Belacan smelling burps come in second.

4) Since Malaysia is hot, u wud think the most wisest thing to do is to wear minyak attar when praying, since perfume has alcohol in it..But nooo, some of them are still oblivious to the fact that you do stink when you sweat during prayers..

5) the mosques are always hot and humid, and people always sweat.

6) Speaking about sweat, I once saw this girl get up after terawih and started squeezing her telekung, and I swear I saw a few drops of water, no, sweat, drip.

7) After the last turn of salam, almost two complete saffs dissapear, and theres this huge pleasurable gush of wind due to their movements. Now thats when the mosque is finally at a temperature of at least 23 degrees celcius..

8) Most of the saffs are filled with visible holes.

9) People flap their telekung in and out to get air. and to share their delicious body odour obviously.

10) The teenagers who skip witir and wait for their parents to finish their witir tend to hide behind massive pillars. When their parents ask if theyve prayed, they say yes.

O how I love my terawihs..

the one syllable james, bond..

Its Bond. James Bond.

I was passing through an ad yesterday which had Daniel Craig's Quantom of Solace on it..Because KL is jammed from the inside to the outside, I got to stare at the ad.Besides making me drool over those blue eyes, it made me start questioning one thing..And that is

James Bond.

Its all one syllable names..!You see, there's Dave, John, Matt, Bob, etc..and then there's Kamal, Afiq, Latiff and Shafiq..After permanently damaging my celebrum with the pressure of finding a one syllable malay name, I realised that we have absolutely none!! Its always two or more syllables..Nicknames dont count by the way..

So there we go, a new thought, how do we create a one syllable name that is Islamic and also sounds Malaysian"ish"..?

How about........ermmm Kam, Af, Lat and Shaf??
Sounds unnatural rite..

So I guess this will be something that will be bothering me for the next few days or months, or maybe until I get my own baby..Erkksss, thats a long time..

So anyways, my name wud sound lyk this one syllable.. Al Az, or Lia Lan, or Al Lan, or Lia Az..

Lo and Behold, whatever the combination, it sounds wierd..

Monday, September 1, 2008

So him. Wow. Such grace, charm and beauty...


He's here...Ive been waiting like forever to meet him, and now he's actually finally here. Ive made so many promises to myself, to get ready and be presentable,for when I meet him, I want us to have this very intimate moment, where I can pour out all my heart and soul out without hesitation, for us to share the sweetness of meeting again after such a long time..

Its crazy what waiting for someone, especially those we love, can do to us. How much it can change us, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The moment when he touched down, and the moment I met him, wow, so unexplainable. The feeling of such happiness, gratitude and pleasure, even the saddest hearts are cured. Sometimes I feel like we try too hard, too hard to please everyone around us, to make sure that they think perfectly of us, to make them accept us as who we're not. Its crazy how people can go all out to change themselves for people, eventhough the product of change is exactly what we despise ourselves to be. Only those who we truly love and care, those who we hold so close to our hearts, only to them can we be us. Good, bad, oogly, they see through us, and accept us as who we are.

So him. Wow. Such grace, charm and beauty. Such innocence that makes me feel so ridiculously bad and ungrateful. His energy and aura, resonates through the darkest of times, he simply beautifies everything he touches, and I am left in awe. Its sad that I can only meet him once in a while, cos I tell you, its pretty tough to make an appointment with him. He's so busy, he can only pop in to see me annually. Which is even sadder(?), cos I need that feeling of humbleness and goodness surrounding me from time to time. To clean up the mess that I made when he wasnt around, so that I can return to HIM and undoubtedly submit myself to HIM. O how much he helps me do that, and its funny how only he can bring out the most in me, cos the others I meet, havent made that big of an impact as how he has on me. Im gratified that Ive had the chance to meet and get to know him, and I hope I'll be able to meet up with him more.

So when he's around, I wish my nafsu doesnt get in the way, cos that will spoil everything. Everything that Ive promised and wished for when he's around. This is the time I polish myself up. This is the time I have to settle everything thats wrong with me. This is the time where I have to be selfish, and not care about anything else but myself. Only a month with him, who dares to waste it?

I hope everyone is at the best of health,happiness, and faith, cos its such a waste to not get intimately close to him when given the chance, cos Ramadan's here, and hes too darn cute and loveable to miss..

May our hearts find peace, contentment, and HIS light this month. Ameeen..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

ive been tagged...!

Answer the questions below, do a Google Image Search with your answer, take a picture from the 1st page of results, do it with minimal words of explanation.

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday..

27th Feb to be exact. just so people know, and remember, and buy. Something. u noe, so that on the day itself, I can say "aww, u shudnt have, but thx for the gift anyways! =)

2. Place you want to travel to:

-salt lake city, utah- lyk come on ppl, skiing and snow!!

3. Your favourite place:

-for now, its the squash court. Its such a cool and fast game! and u can be evil, without feeling bad. Meaning u know, bringing down ur oppenent in the most devilish way. A low ball, high fast ball, watever, as long as they lose and u win. Now who doesnt lyk being champion for the day..kann..duhh-

4. Your favorite food:

-if u havent had dim sum, u havent lived-

5. Your favorite pet:

-too darn cute to pass-

6. Favorite color combination:

-turquoise, pink and blue-

7. Favorite piece of clothing:

8. Your all time favorite song:

-robin thicke!!-

9. Favorite TV show:

-a yummy genius doctor.who doesnt like them??-

10. First name of your significant other/crush:

-he's so hillarious!! i crush him!haha-

11. Which town do you live in:

-boring shah alam, even the stadium's dead-

12. Your screen name/nickname:

13. Your first job:

- a daughter.. duhh!-
14. Your dream job:

-yup, not just a dr, a good angelic one.hand me over some love people!!-

15. One bad habit that you have:

-i laugh like a tied up horse-

16. Worst fear:

-someone please pass me the bombs!!-

17: Things you'd like to do before you die:

-submit myself totally to Allah-

-find a cure for AIDS-

-then win a Nobel Prize-

-do lots of charity-
-Ameeeen to all the above-

18. The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000:

-buy plane tickets to everywhere-

-buy this cutie pie, or cutie pies-

-go to Mecca with my family 5 times-

-build a Nascar circuit, and buy the car/cars of course, and go drive them!!daily!!-

19. Your husband:

-A muslim Michael Phelps-

20. For all of these to come true:

-My hero, my eternal Love-