Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chinese Whispers....

Following the mass shock that hit many Malaysians during the 12th election, many ponder, what ever happened? Since the last election, lots have happened, some occasions giving good name to the BN party, some not. But hey, no one’s perfect, and we’re talking about a party here people. Lately, the media mass have conveyed some disturbing views shared by some individuals about their thoughts on Pak Lah, our Prime Minister. Many have asked him to resign, many have criticized him. The man who rules our country is being talked about, gossips spread here and other, getting more messed up in a long never ending game of Chinese Whispers. As a young teenager, I feel that Malaysian individuals should act more patient and tolerant. Of course each and everyone of us would like to be the first in the queue, have their problems dismissed and solved in minutes, and have the politicians be at their side at the click of the finger. Has no one ever pondered about how busy their lives are? About how, besides taking care of thousands of families, have their own family who crave for their time and attention? Has anyone thought about the huge sacrifices these individuals make, how hard it was for them to climb up the ladder. It sounds all fame and name, but reaching there was no game. For many, politicians are stuck up, rich, proud, and arrogant individuals, but for all the hardship and stress you have to go through, don’t you think a man should deserve and taste the luxury that he had earned? You cant possibly ask them to act and live like ordinary people with ordinary jobs and responsibilities. Right? With the limited amount of time they have for themselves, it is only logical for them to splurge at times. There are many out there who expect these people’s help and attention to get their life started again. To lift the burden of poverty off their necks. To help provide opportunities for a brighter future. Any responsible individual would know how hard and challenging it is to keep up with so many wishes, yet alone to fulfill all of them. Politicians are ordinary people, but with extraordinary perseverance and mounting responsibility. The future of the county is on their shoulders. Don’t you think that’s big enough responsibility. They have to answer to their people, to their families, and most importantly, to God.Personally, I think, people should give more time to these individuals, and not get quickly upset and start bickering or complaining amongst themselves about how worthless or useless politicians are when their problems don’t get solved. Its time to think positively, act maturely, and most importantly be more understanding about others. Its no easy task being politician, because, one question to all, how many can not sleep a whole night and build a government the next day, and still smile? Not many. So think before you judge. Think before you accuse. It does more good than harm. Each leader has different visions. Some have big visions. Same have small visions that lead to a big vision. Some have visions that cannot be seen, but can one day be felt. Because of Malaysia, because of its leaders, we have developed and blossomed beautifully. For a period of 50 years only, that sounds super impressive enough.

PS: I still haven’t decided on which party I support, that is still researches away. I really have no idea about whats politically going on in Malaysia, so I guess Ill read up..So far these are just the thoughts of a naive eighteen year old girl about her Prime Minister.

Friday, March 7, 2008

beautiful sincerity...

Their smiles are bedazzling. They're shining. They bring light. Nowhere have I seen such innocent beauty. Such beautiful sincerity.

Boy can they cure you.

They smile at you. Smile at you without wanting anything back. Smile without no secret evil desires.

They bring you back to love.

They make you swell with happiness.

I love their smiles. They bring unique happiness. They are sweet thingy mejigees that show off unformed, incomplete teeth.

I know why they're little bundles of joy.
I know why they bring families together.
I know why they're the beauty of the existence of life.

God created them, to give us untainted love.

I'll slip and fall

-memiliki kehilangan-
rasa kehilangan hanya akan ada,
jika kau pernah merasa memilikinya
Feeling lost because of what life brings. Feeling lost because you're giving up. Feeling lost because you don't want to go on.
What is going on?? Am I losing it? Am I losing myself?
Things are getting so hard. So hard its wierd. I didnt see it coming. I didnt know how burdening it could be.
How am I gonna get through it? Surely there's a way. Surely there's an explanation. Surely there's an answer.
Giving up is so easy. Its going on that's triple tough. Its a gigantic task. The heart wants to give up, but surely the heart wants nothing but devilish desire. Surely the heart wants nothing but ease. Surely the heart gets intimidated by the shaitaan's whispers.
Sometimes you feel like the world is at your feet. Sometimes you feel like its on your shoulders, giving you such huge weight that your bones could possibly crush into dust.
Talking about this isnt helping anything. The more I talk about hardship, the more time I waste. All this negative thinking needs to be pushed aside.
Living life successfully isnt a sugarcoated dream. It isnt as easy as it sounds. Life is made up of different scenes and acts. Its only good, if the actors are good. So the actor of my life is me. Thus, I need to be superb. I need to greet every single mishap with a huge smile. There's no such thing as giving up. Theres no such thing as "thats impossible". Giving up is only saying yes to that scrawny little devil in your heart.
Giving up is sad.
Giving up is weak.
Giving up is frail.
Giving up is failure.
I must get up from this fall. I must stand on my two feet with more strength than I had before my fall. Im gonna climb those stairs. Im gonna reach the top. No stopping now. I'll slip and fall. I'll tumble and crash. But that only means I'll get up again, wipe the dirt off from the crash, and continue to climb again.
When I reach the top. I ll look down and say,
"You're one heck of a loser, Syaitaan"