Friday, February 15, 2008 was a day...

The city is sweating. The heat is unbearable. Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the odour of a human's armpit. oooo, NASTY!!Buy some Rexona or sumthing people!!

I was struggling to get through the crowd. They were moving like eels trying to get out of a small tank! Hello, people, make way for humankind please! OWWWW!!!My foot!! Watch it!! A slight throbbing can be felt.Then after much huffing and puffing, I finally reach the stairs of the store I wanted to go to, pheww, like they say, a small step for mankind, a huge leap for me. So I bought what I needed and hopped outside, only being greeted by the huge crowd again. Ok, fine, no problem, lets just go through the adventure again.

On the LRT, I had to stand next to this guy with another pair of not-odourless-and-needs-Rexona-kinda armpits. Maybe I should bring one sometime and offer it to anyone who doesnt have any smelling ability. All right, thats gonna get into the To-d0-list first thing when I get back. The guy stopped at the next stop, thank God, he knows I cudn't take the smell. I love you Allah.

Two stops later, I was stuck between another two pairs of armpits. Allright, I probably didnt thank Allah enough. O Allah, I hope that these two people would stay abit away from me, so that I can respire normally and have enough oxygen in my haemoglobin, because o Allah, these odour stick to the proteins of my haemoglobin much much more stronger than oxygen do. Ameen.

Three stops later and only 50% of oxygen left, they got out. I am blessed.

While waiting for my mum at the nearest McDonalds, I sat at the table next to the table where a couple were sitting. Actually, Im not sure if they were still a couple, because from what I cud see and not to mention hear, the girl wasnt so pleased with her once-upon-a-time-omg-i-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-u boyfriend. In fact, she was using vulgar words that it made her sound like such a umm,umm, vulgarian person? O well, who cares about the vocab, she didnt. So after constant swearing and shouting, the guy looked up at her and said, "umm, sayang bleh ulang balik tak apa yang u cakap tadi, i x focus sangat, tadi Manchester United kalah dengan Manchester City", and so with that, ladies and gentlemen, he got a nice tight slap and cold coke splashing all over his pink shirt saying "I have a hot bod". Well not so hot anymore brother, with all that cold coke on you. Laughing to myself, laughing out loud, didnt help their situation. I got such an evil stare that I swear everything froze to a temperature lower than -10 degrees. Ouch, that was scary. I got up. And left of course. What else was there to do when an evil witch was sitting at the other table, having nothing but too much energy to pounce on you at anytime.

I think they broke up.

Reaching home, I caught my maid staring, mouth wide open, at the Indonesian working at the construction site next to our house. She didnt realise that I was staring at her, until she farted her lunch and I said "EEEeeeeewwww!!!!". She was blushing so red even tomatoes looked orange. I was left with 25% oxygen. O god, I need oxygenated water. Talk about drama today.

At night, I was soo tired, I couldnt do revision. Well, the reason I say this is that during reading transition elements, I was suddenly at a road and tripping, then with a sudden jolt, I was back at the sentence "the jumping of electrons in d orbitals through an energy gap causes it to absorb a quantum of light that gives the metals its colour". Wow, that was fast. Which road was I at? Oh yeah, the lets-go-to-bed-and-sleep road.All right, Ill do just that.

On bed, with oxygenated water on bedside table, I thought to myself, pheww, today was a day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Si, si, todo recto...

What in the world is she saying??!!! I need a dictionary! Fast!
OK.It started off like this.

"Umm, hi, could u please tell me how I cud get to Royal Costa Hotel?", I asked.

"Si, si, todo recto, derecho bla bla bla bla izquierdo", she says with her hands flying up in the air in many directions, in which not even one of it I understood. Honestly, I understood nothing.


So repeating my question again, thinking she might have heard me speak Spanish earlier when I asked, I asked the same question in English again. Only this time, she was speed talking and her hands flying even faster.

All I could say.."Ermm, GRACIAS"

She smiled, seeming very pleased that this non speaking Spanish girl said thank you. Well at least one of us understood what the other was saying!

So as a result of the micro-only-two-words Spanish understanding I have, we ended up driving an extra hour, only to find ourselves back at the same place where we asked the lady. And guess what, she was still there, saw us, smiled and put her thumbs up. My reply, thumbs up, dumbfounded and extremely tired. Did I tell you that not only did I not understand a word of Spanish, I also didnt understand how the road system works. I mean, every five minutes there'd be a roundabout with a signboard Torremolinos(the place where I found the hotel eventually), and then just ahead of it, was another signboard saying Torremolinos! So tell me people, which roundabout should I be taking!!!

So once at the hotel, I cried relief because the reception guy could actually speak pleasant-to-the-ears English. I ran for the room, the bathroom, and the BED.

Next day, breakfast. The hotel fees included breakfast and dinner, so we went for breakfast. We went through the food provided, and found out that we couldnt eat any one of it except boiled eggs and bread. Good enough. We're ok. Thats what you get when you go to a secular country.

Speaking about secular, I dont think Spain is secular at all. I dont know if its my eyes, but I cant help but notice that these Spanish people adore my headscarf. Im saying adore just so it sounds nice for my ears. I mean, everytime I walk or pass them in anyway possible, be it crawling, running, jumping, or which ever way, they always seem to stare at my head gear. Its like their mouth opens wide, literally gawping, and they never blink. And considering Spain and its Islamic history, you should think they'd be accustomed to such head gear, but instead its like they've never seen such a thing before. So, just to make myself feel good, and also to bring Islam's cloth of pride to the limelight, I wore different types of head gears with colourful patterns, some patterns being so nice that their eyes bulge out when they see it. Im satisfied. Good Job Alia!

The rest of the days, I spent most of the time staring, not at headgears, but at the beautiful scenery and landscape. God really is an exceptionally good artist. Its like each and every mountain coincides with each other, not a single flaw in the arrangement. Magnificient, Enchanting. Masha Allah.

Spain was great!!!Awesome!