Wednesday, March 24, 2010


verytime a new lecturer enters the hall, a new experience begins. Nk tgk gaya cikgu ni mcm mane, garang ke? Comel ke? Bes ke?
So as far as sem 2 has gone, I am going to make some summaries.

Cikgu biochemwhen I hear her voice it reminds me of the narrators in the old classic Disney movies, or the red fairy in Sleeping beauty. Wow bes. I am a Disney fan at heart, so I like her voice. The biochem?, ummm not so much.
Antara alia aten ngan bella, we always pray that biochem is the first lecture, xdela menyeksakan sgt nnt. Klu last mmg toooot, semangat dh xde, dok bayang cite Disney je la, klu tak dpt nk bayang, biasanye ten tido je. Kan ten? Hahaha.
Pastu tiba-tiba Fatin Nur Atiqah kata, eh cikgu ni pregnaaaannt!! And then ktorg pun spend the next half hour looking and judging her belly. Aten and Alia’s  conclusion is *yes, she’s pregnant*, Bella disagrees. What do you think? Haha
Cikgu Pharma : Setiap ari tukar cikgu, so xbrape nk kenal. Tp the first cikgu was comel, the second was so cool, mcm hebat computer je, dia tak pegang mike, tak pegang ape2, tapi tiba2 slide tu bleh tukar. Alia ngan bella mmg amazed. The 3rd cikgu, mula2 garang, pastu mcm kelakar plk. That’s why we should never judge a book by its cover.
Cikgu Physio : Wooweeeee. Go go go go go go!!!! We like!
Cikgu Patho : cikgu ni baik. She looks like a good wife. Im going to look up to her when I become a wife.
Skills : nape eh section 3 slalu cikgu2 skills diorg mcm so attentive? Mcm cikgu skills last sem, alia pandang aten skit je, baru toleh SIKIT je dia dh kata “what did you say to her, what are you doing? Do you want to say something?”. Ada org tertutup mata longer than a blink cikgu kata “ do you want to wash your face?”
 So in the end, us girls, not sure about the boys, smua pun duk tegak, mata pun bulat cantik je, tak toleh mane dah. Straight, forward, focus!! 
tak aci. ke aci? maybe Allah wants this section to excel in Skills more than the other sections. yeah, i think thats it, jgn jeles please :)

despite the occasional moodswings or strictness. every teacher is superb in their own way. because in the end what they ever do is make us better more knowledgable individuals.