Monday, April 12, 2010

Lesson learnt?


1) Never laugh excessively. Your laugh can sometimes hurt others.  Lesson learnt.

2) Let go and move on. Lesson learnt.

3) Be nice and smile. Lesson learnt.

4) Focus. Lesson trying to be learned.

5) Jangan malas. Tough lesson to be learned.

6) Cakap Assalamualaikum bila masuk taxi. Lesson learnt.

7) Sedekah setiap hari. My favourite lesson to be learnt.

8) Tengok poupi cukup makan ngan minum. Lesson being practised.

9) Pakai tudung elok-elok nnt Bella marah. Lesson susah gile nk kentut bila ada angin ni.

10) Love the house to University journey more everyday. Lesson still being learnt.

11) Forget that problem you're having. Please learn this lesson quick alia.