Friday, October 3, 2008

the pleasures of tv..

"mcdreamy did a mcnasty with mchottie. that mcbastard!!"

i L.O.V.E greys anatomy.

when deens makes als a kid..!

Children can really suck you into their world..And dang do they do it well..a classic example..

so here we are, one 7, the other one 18, both crazy mentally, in a hotel in my favourite city, Penang.. O how I love Penang. The rich culture and the thick gorgeous "che' nak pi sana sat" kinda accent. So when the boys are away, the girls take on the world, or the camera at the very least..

shes the most cutest loveliest sportiest babes in the world.. i LuV her to BitS..!!

aFTER all, there's always a retarded crazy side in all of us..!