Friday, February 20, 2009

harakah and babies.. :)

When many talk about the ups and downs of politics, reading harakah and utusan, contemplating on the perak issues and cursing the government, whilst many are revising their green annoying thin but full of facts community medicine book, and whilst some of our seniors fret out their disagreements towards the university's management causing instant havoc amongst us alex students (i havea few rebuttals to that senior's article, but am too scared to voice out incase he fights back, says I betray my own race, and war starts :P ), we, well, we the people of aras 4, maintain their coolness and cuteness.

Here is a story for you to enjoy, to show how the coolness and cuteness are maintained at all times....haha.. watever :)

Her name's Nor Hidayah binti Jamal..We call her DJ or dayah J.The need to put a J at the back of her name is because we have the task of differentiating two dayahs..Yes we have two dayahs. One called DayZ the other DJ...So this is her. Cute kann..?

She has a baby.

the baby daddy...well, lets just leave that a mystery...Maybe an Alex boy, maybe not... :)

u see, this baby doesnt really belong to belongs to someone else, but dayah, being the inborn mother she always is, stole this baby in the middle of the night when all residents of this yellow brickhostel were off to lala land..

so dayah went out one night childless, and came back with a baby, a very cute pink baby...

eversince, this baby has been roaming the land of aras 4..she steals the computer and the tv, she steals our blankets, she takes up the toilet and all the hot water in the morning, she hogs the real player everytime when on the laptop.

plus many more very annoying habits..

Pictures to prove such acts...

On the other hand though, occasionally, dayahs baby has been very helpful, especially in the kitchen...


and when we're in the midst of studying and being tortured by boredom, she'll study along with us, just to keep us company..

and she also prays, look, awwww, she's praying...she's so good and obedient at times, its probably because of the many ceramahs and yassins her mum's taken her to...

but most of all, this cute baby is hawwwttt.. haha...
a tip for buying bday gifts : altho we girls seem very fussy and love expensive beautiful goodies, its not always like that. this cheap but adorable baby is a great bday present for us girls. haha.

In the end, its ONLY and ALWAYS the thought that counts kan.. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 things that make egypt rock...!!

1) the the milk...all different flavours...vanilla and caramel flavour pun ada...

2) the fruits..its cheap, and its : strawberries, one kilo is 2 genih only, approx Rm 1.20...RM1.20 ppl!!!!!
awesome kannn....kalau malaysia brape, around RM 8 for one small box..

3) the fruit again, fresh and everywhere..

4) fathirah...especially this one, fathirah sukkar bi kreemah... (sugar and cream pie) instant hit amongst us girls :p

5) the tram..its 25 piastres (sen in malaysia) to everywhere...its sometimes either too fast or too slow..

either way, its nice...

6) u always can fall asleep almost instantly in their transportations..especially their taxis..they move fast, and theres always that cool wind blowing at ur face.

aaaa, sleepp...

7) spaghetti....
the spaghetti is packet costs around a genih plus..the better ones, 2 genih plus..still..either quality, they're cheap..

8) they have so many types of sandwiches..the famous shawarma roll is one of them..

9) theres so many types of chocolate pastes. one of them, our much loved nucreme..

10) the people here pray anywhere, honestly, anywhere and everywhere...and the mosques are always full..How I wish I could be a boy for a day to experience praying on streets with cars passing by ur butt by just 1 inch, but in the sametime ur so completely loss with ur Lord...

extra, cos i just thot of one..

11) when the arabs are cute, theyre real cute..cuter than any cute guys malaysia will ever see.. offence u malaysian boys, u guys are cute, but theyre just cuter, at times..ngee =D
*byk gile perkataan cute in one sentence*

well, i think there are a few other things that make egypt rock..but Malaysia..

o Malaysia..u rock so much more... :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ba ba bones..

Anatomy practicals are all about bones..Well at least for the first sem they were..
Everyweek, we'd gather at that huge hall, and divide into groups..My lecturer happens to be the coolest one,
and the only guy too..Every time, he'd have someone bring him a peppermint tea, which he'd always offer us to drink too. we'd smile, nod, and say no thanks..
after taking one sip, with all of us staring at him, he'd then explain why he drinks such tea.its apparently because peppermint tea reduces some stomach pain he has in the mornings...

What a cool Prof Dr Muhammad he is..

Before this course, Id always think about how fun but in the same time scary it will be to be learning about bones.
U noe, theyre dead peoples bones, isnt that supposed to be scary..It belongs to someone who's already dead, and what happens if u accidentally broke his/her bone, or made fun of it, or, well anything really.Id always have these visions of them coming and haunting me in the middle of the night, strangling me with their...umm...bony fingers???

So yeah, that was then..

Now, me and my fellow bones are best frends forever (very cliche)..seriously, we are..They sometimes sleep under my bed, not on the bed, because, well, Im still a teeny weeny bit scared that the above scenario I just mentioned wud happen..So theyre either under the bed, on my desk,or in my buku box.. lovely we are eyh..

the moral of this story : love ur bones, cos theyre a part of u....hahaha..watever..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank Him always, cos that smile of yours belongs to Him..

Its exam time..Books are open, but minds are elsewhere..Its the period of time where many become bored, restless, and fidgety..

So to the kitchen we go, and with our creative minds we create..

Two examples of the many creations we've made so far...

Cokodok pisang with Nucreme. Aaah blisss...

1) bananas *of course*

2)Flour / tepung

3) sugar and salt

4) our nucreme.. *sorry gambar terbalik, malas nak edit*

then mix mix mix...

and then, into the pan they go... =)

*yg hitam tu chocolate, bkn hangus ye*

and into the mouth it goes, jgn teka mulut sape tuu..haha..nanti dia marah.. =P


kuih keria pulak..this was a day before our histology practicals..

just some pics of the making..the recipe, well let that be a well kept secret between us aras 4 people.. =)

moral of this story :

Even if tomorrow's exams, or even if all hell breaks lose, dont lose that smile. Dont get too stressed. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, whether tribulations come our way or not..

Play hard, Study harder, Pray even harder..

So when ur down or stressed, and the world's not on ur side, talk to Him, he'll forever be on your side, just waiting to hear even a whisper of gratitude from you..

Only to Him do we confide all our life secrets, no one other than Him..

Thank Him always, cos that smile of yours belongs to Him.. =)

Football and my anatomy..

My anatomy exam is over..Learning, let alone memorising the steps of formation of becoming a human being is not simple, its an excruciating experience that only Medical students feel and proud I am of my "Medical Student" status eyh..but seriously, u have this whole book about zygotes, blastocyst,embryo, foetus, placenta,etc to remember, and u have three sets of exam papers to answer.

And plus. the exam coordinators do their job well. They're faces are so garang and stressed up, its worse than those who are even doing the exams. Their facial expressions sometimes make me and Ika (she sits on the same row as me) laugh and smile at each other. =)

Abit more about anatomy before I get to the actual point of this post, learning anatomy has really opened my eyes, and made me ponder alot about Allah's creation..MashaAllah.. Imagine, there are a thousand and one defects or abnormalities that could happen anytime during fertilization and labour, and yet, here I am devoid of any... Alhamdulillah..

We should really start thanking Allah more. Alot more.

Ok, so done with anatomy, our next exam is Physiology.. So here I am, in my bedroom, in this lovely yellow brickhostel, revising. Its kinda heaty and stuffy, so to the window I go..*to the knee i flee, to the elbow I go* =P The moment I slide the window open, the enthusiasm of the Arab teenagers outside disturb the silence of my room..O no, its them again, playing football. And yes, what is football without its spectators.. So there's the voices of the players, and their loyal supporters.. They basically make two sound effects throughout the game..

1) YaLLAH yallah...henna henna..go go go go go OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....(that sound effect is because the player didnt goal)

2) Yallah yallah...henna henna..go go go go go (and at the player's final attempt), the spectators get to say GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

so the noise increases, I leave my room and head towards the front balcony. With a camera.

This is one of the many snippets I took of local teenagers playing football with people, taxis, motors, and occasionally, some horses.. To those in Malaysia..It really happens...They do this, sometimes till 2am.. And yes. It can be quite frustrating but entertaining at times. They are pretty good with them balls.. =)

*Alamak, video xle upload plk...* hehe..

well u can just imagine then... =)

my strength and will....

After decades, I have finally found the strength and will to update this dusty blog. Partly due to my lack of writing ideas, and also plus the adaptation period I have been going through since I stepped into this another, enchanting, ancient world people call Egypt..

InshaAllah, I hope this first post since my departure, will not be the last.. hehe =D