Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tell me the truth, what is it you want from me?

I shall sit back and watch silently as you secretly mess and screw my life around. I shall be nice to you, I shall treat you good, I shall be your friend. But just know that I know what you're doing here. Its ok, I believe that in life, whatever you give, you shall get back. So continue messing with me, continue playing with my heart, continue toying with my feelings, and continue acting like you're all great and mighty. Please, please continue. Because one day, maybe just one day, you will get back what you're doing to me from someone else, and we'll see how great and mighty you'll be then.

But please remember, in the end, your life will come to a stop, and your deeds will be questioned and answered to the All-Mighty. 

It is easy for me to leave you out of my life and move on. But I wont do that, cause as long as God gives His Servants ample of chances and forgives them, who am I to not forgive you and believe that maybe, just maybe, you might change.


hehe. ni post yg mungkin sedikit emo. mungkin la, tah2 tak emo langsung kan. tp ni sekadar nk menyahut cabaran kawan saya yang kata saya ni xreti nk emo or marah. adakah saya berjaya? haha. mungkin tidak. mesti klu nk emo kene lagi dasyat kan post ni YOU. haha. o well, i tried. practise makes perfect kan.

ps: tp klu la ada yg terasa ngn post ni, aiyoo xtau. cepat2la berenti bermain ngn hidup/ perasaan saya ye. sekian :)