Monday, March 22, 2010


Bad news are hard to accept. Obviously. Especially when its unexpected. My heart fell to the ground, my knees went weak, my eyes started swelling up with tears. Honestly this is Allah testing me to I think maximum.

Kalau bgtau anisah mesti dia kata, nti kene kuat alia, nti xle jatuh. And honestly nisa, even if u don’t know what it is, ana tau nti akan ckp mcm tu, and ana tgh cuba sekuat mungkin tuk go through this.

 Im going to come out of this strong. Allah is all I have and will have for now.

And no anisah, ana xle bgtau nti. It is too horrible to share.

Please stay strong alia. Seriously please do. For those you love, please do. Thank you. And just keep smiling while you can. :)