Tuesday, April 29, 2008

all armed and ready for war....!!


Meletup!!o tidak!!kulit ku!!Arghhh!!! Noooo!!!!Wachaaaa!!!!

Acne... Girl's or rather human's worst sought enemy. They appear without permission. They leave without, ummm, hang on, they tend to not leave..

So when something evades your facial skin, one normally comes to war with it. Hands go digging, here and there, waiting to reveal deep treasure. Useless, worthless disgusting treasure. Treasure that by the end of the day, when dug, causes nothing more than deep craters that make one's face end up resembling the surface of the moon. Probably even worse.
My God do I hate them. I despise them. I cud possibly even get into coma because of them.Naudhubillah tho...Anyway, I find that, especially, everytime one gets stressed, poop, it pops out of nowhere, sometimes at places that make no sense, example, just in between ur eyebrow, or right at the tip of ur nose (making rudolph the reindeer look ten times better than humans with acne at the tip of their nose), and sometimes even at the side of the lip. Its like u look at sumone's lip, then u sway ur eyes to the right, then pooot, theres some nasty white circular substance...my god, have i had that before..!GEERAAM!!!!
So I have tried so many things, herbal la, chemical la, nature's path la, nature's jalan la, nature's ketiak la, natures hidung la..haaaa, everything, but still sumhow these acne have high resistance towards these substances and not mention high yield too!!They reproduce so fast its unstoppable!!very active reproductive system i tell u..very ganas!but honestly tho, i dont think i shud tell u, cos i think most of u have experienced this death defying moment before..kan...I bet!!
Well anyways, this wierd and probably wierdest article is dedicated to my one and only enemy, Mr and Mrs and Miss and Mr Junior and Miss miss and Mr Junior kepada Junior and cucu and cicit and mencicit mencacat ACNE yg lain (ok then, make that enemies)..
A reminder to u guys, the ACNE family tree, Im gonna take revenge, and its gonna be soon!!Im all armed and ready for war!!!!!Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!Boom ketetuptuptuptup boom ketetuptuptuptup, eh jap, bunyi macam kompang org nak kahwin la pulak. Jap wrong sound effect, kejap eh, nak cari dalam computer system ni jap...hah ni dia...
(wat the hoot??)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


An Alia : eh kejap kejap... Tunggu!!!

Allah, kejap la!! Oits!!

-Here we go. The running part.-

An Alia : Jap, Ya Allah, tak dengar ke?? Oits!!Weii!!Eiks!!Ohoi!!

-a thought to Alia: Dia pekak kot-

So running I go, then finally I get to stop him..

An Alia : Pak Cik kenapa tak dengar? Saya menjerit dari jalan sana tadi,pak cik takkan tak dengar langsung kot?Saya da lari dari jalan 4 tadi. Ni sekarang da Jalan 6.

A Pakcik : Haaah?? Adik panggil pakcik ke? Tak dengar pulak. Maaf ye, kebelakangan ni telinga pakcik kureng skit boleh mendengar..

An Alia : O yeke, ingatkan pakcik saja je nak orang kejar. Mana la tau, ala-ala cerita bollywood. Amma Appa nehe kucha naal ho. (Haa suka hati je diri ini menggunakan bahasa orang lain. Maksudnye pun tak tau, main bantai saje. Takpe,Layan..)

A Pakcik : Haha. Takdela, memang pakcik tak dengar. Yela dah tua macam ni, telinga pun da kurang berfungsi.

An Alia : Pak cik kena check telinga tu, kot kot ada pape ke. Dah tua ni lagi la kena jaga kesihatan. Pak cik pergi la jumpa ENT specialist. (there I go with my Doctor traits)

A laughing Pakcik : Haha. Pak cik mana boleh jumpa pakar ENT, mahal tu, pakcik tak cukup duit. Takpelah telinga, memang patut pun dia rosak, dulu pak cik suka dengar lagu dangdut, abis tu telinga ni pakcik letak dekat2 dengan speaker radio tu. Salah pakcik jugak..

An Alia : O ok, tapi nanti kalau rezeki murah, pakcik pergi la jumpa pakar. Nanti kalau dalam 6 tahun lagi pakcik masih tak boleh dengar, pakcik jumpa la saya. Boleh saya bagi discount sikit.

A Pakcik : 6 tahun, lama tu, kenapa nak tungu lama sangat tu?

An Alia : Sebab lepas 6 tahun baru la saya digelar doktor, barula boleh merawat telinga pakcik tu.

A Pakcik : Haha, kamu ni pandai je, 6 tahun tu mungkin telinga pakcik da lagi teruk.

An Alia : Betul jugak, tapi mana la tau, mungkin boleh tahan lagi telinga tu. Nanti pakcik jumpa saya la. Senang je, hospital saya tu nanti hospital yang terbesar dan terhebat kat Malaysia. Eh jap, tu dalam 15 thn lagi..Takpe2, pakcik tunggu 15 thn la ye..

A Pakcik : Lamanye, pak cik boleh dapat cicit da time tu. takpe2, terima kasih sebab prihatin, nanti pakcik cuba gi hospital check telinga ni ye.Haa, ni kenapa kamu kejar saya tadi??

An Alia : Ooo, saya nak beli aiskrim. Aiskrim Cokelat..

See how one can run for a chocolate icecream?? Dasyat!!but the ice cream tastes even better, especially when the entire body system is heated up due to the running, screaming, and the short wierd conversation I just had with an old man..

The Lesson :
1) Fighting for what you love, eventhough you have to chase it, makes the thing you chase feel or taste even better when you get it, aka my ice cream.
2) Always dream big.
3) Always run for ice cream.
4) Dont miss out on the lovely things in life.
5) Always love and care about others.
6) Alia is wierd. Extremely. But cute of course.