Wednesday, June 25, 2008

cos I need nothing but His Help...

I want to do Medicine. Thats it, no turning back, no second thoughts.

Lately, actually eversince I left Secondary school, Ive been bombarded with questions that confuse me. People have been telling me that its such a hard and intense course, where all u ever do is study, study

and study...
and that Ill literally be sleeping with dead bodies, having dates with them, dreaming about them, smelling like formaline that even an hour of shower isnt enough!

Of course, who ever likes to hear that, when I first heard it, I was like, OMG, no way, I cant just study my life away, thats just too boring and boring. Obviously Im not the type who can fall in love with my books and never leave them, and also, it sounds tiring and scary, the sleeping and dating dead bodies thing.Urgghhh..

So now, Im in between suspense and ecstasy, biting my nails till the results for my application to Alexandria University gets accepted. Nisa already has hers 110 % confirmed, and shes having a blast in London, no worries about that.

The year 2007/08 has been a struggle, juggling college life and A levels has never been harder, altho theres nothing really to compare, cos Ive only been to one college, and done A levels once kann. Bongek betul la Alia ni.neways, Adapting was double hard. Mixing with different people who have different beliefs, being the only Muslim didnt really help either.

So now, the pass is over, and Im looking forward to whats to come. All the cute hotz arab guys to check out, the awesome beach to relax at, the new experience to discover, sharing an apartment with my best budduds, and just living the Arabian dream.haha,pape entah, nothing to do with medicine langsung, Astaghfirullah. kecoh je.

But really, Im looking forward to making my dream a reality. To making me parents proud, and to serve ppl. Its always been a dream of mine to help my patients, of seeing them heal and getting up to greet life with more strength. I remember I had this little dream one night, in which Bush came to me and asked me to fix his problem, medically of course, I think it was because he suffered from baldness and ear cancer (?), and I made him sign an agreement letter saying that he'd bring out all the troops from wherever hes put them, and then resign. In the dream, he obviously did that.

Watever it is, that little dream I had pushed me forward, and made me more determined than ever to do medic. Cant believe how big of a good impact Bush was to me, its crazy huh! SO yeah, now theres no turning back, I hope I get that letter saying Ive been accepted, and off I'll go to Alex to start studying again, and to do everything with more motivation, hard work, and determination.

May God help me throughout the course, cos I need nothing but His Help.

I’m so tired it's not even funny... ???

I have a friend who's really lovely honestly, but she says the stupidest things some times. Ive had to sit down and ponder about the things she says everytime she opens her mouth. Sometimes when she shuts her mouth, I wonder what shes thinking of saying next, which is really scary, cos A levels is hard enough to think about, and I dont really want to think about anything else yet, but when Im with her, I get really exhausted because too much brain power is used, and has to be used. Pheww..

Really, some of the things she says are :

1) "I’m so tired it's not even funny" or "my head hurts so much it's not even funny",
When she says that, Im like thinking, why would it even be funny in the first place???

2)"I'll kick you then you know.."
Ummm, what should I be knowing? I really dont get it.

3)"Why is it Alia, that u laugh everytime I make a joke?"
Isnt that just ridiculous..haha, sometimes I wonder if that question WAS a joke..So in the end, I just start laughing agn, and she just becomes more confused..

4)"Alia!!my dog just died! I cant believe it!Its really sad and awful, but its nothing serious."
Need I say anything. It died, and its sad that it died, but its not serious. Wow.

5)Once we had to line up to go to the lab, yeah, like little toddlers in college, and the lecturer asked her to ask everyone to do so, and so she said to everybody "You guys line up alphabetically by height".
I wondered, im the tallest, and my name starts with an A. Where should I be standing???

6)We were talking about where we've travelled, and she said "Ive been to a lot of places overseas." And I asked her where. And she said Thailand.

7)Once we were in the computer lab, and she said, "the internet is a great way to get on the net kan alia..?"
Yup, it sure is isnt it.

8) After getting our test results, she told me that hers was okay but not that kinda okay..
Which in turn really does explain alot alot alot.

9)In front of the exam hall, she said to me "I dont think im readily ready enough, altho I think I am, but Im not really sure, but its like I feel I am, but my heart says Im not."
She MIGHT be ready.

10)There was a picture of Sharlinie on the light post, and it offered a reward to anyone who found her, so we were talking about Sharlinie, when my friend said, "If Sharlinie sees her picture that offers a reward, would she get the money?"

Bless her soul. Shes a trooper.

one kick ass sacrifice...

Two days ago, I was out with my mum and one of her friends. In the middle of our journey to the proposed destination (?), Aunty G got a phone call, and when she said inalillahiwainnailaihiraaji'un, i knew it wasnt good news. So after much talking, she put down the phone and told us that one of her friends just passed away.

So heres the story.

The lady who passed away, may God place her with the ones HE loves, was only 28 yrs old. She had been suffering from lung cancer. She's had that tumour since she was 24, and it became malignant ever since. When she started working, she met her husband, who was secretly in love with her for ages, and whom she finally agreed to marry after meeting up with his family, who also happened to love her alot.

All throughout the marriage, she always took care of her husband, his family, her family, her job, her relationship with Allah, and her relationship with people in general. According to Aunty G, Allahyarhamah never sighed or complained about how miserable and painful her life was. She bore her grief silently without whinning. Soon after the marriage, she knew that her time was coming, and she wanted to leave her husband a precious gift, so that he'd always have a piece of her when she's gone. She sacrificed her chemotheraphy and drugs to get pregnant. As the months passed by, she became more ill and tired, but she went through all the pain patiently, all because of love for her husband's child. Her tumour was growing larger, and parts of it had broken off and had started growing at other organs. The doctor advised her to go for chemo, but she refused, scared that her baby might be affected too.

When she gave birth, she was in too much pain, but all everyone ever heard was how happy and alive she felt, with the baby inside her arms. Her husband quit his job to look after her, o the love that filled that family, masha Allah. Soon later, she left them to be with HIM, leaving a handful of letters for her newborn baby girl, for when she grows up,

and her LOvE.

One kick ass sacrifice. May Allah reward her for her patience and sacrifice. Ameen.

funny wedding toasts..

"At a friend's wedding a few years ago, the best man made it apparent that he wasn't such a fan of the bride. The speech went something like this: '(Groom's name), man I love ya, you know I do. I hope you thought about this and that this is what you really, really, really want.' Then he said the bride's name, hit his fist against his chest twice, and pointed at her."

"A friend of mine from college got married, and his best man said in his speech: 'Finally John has found someone with low enough self-esteem to marry him.'"

"The maid of honor (the bride's sister) not only talked about herself during the whole speech, she also mentioned the possibility of an affair between herself and her sister's new husband."

"At my cousin's wedding, the best man ended his toast by saying he wanted the groom to know that he'd be there for him at his next wedding when this one didn't work out."

"The best man at a wedding I was in said during his toast, 'Congratulations to the new parents!' No one except a select few knew the bride was pregnant -- not even her parents!"

"I was a bridesmaid in a wedding where the best man gave a toast about how cheap the groom was and how they'd been friends all their lives but the wedding was the first free meal he's ever been offered by the 'cheapskate.'"

"The father of the bride stood up and said, 'I'm Jill's dad. I just want to say that I met David before Jill did because of my other daughter.' And he sat down."

"My cousin gave a horrible toast at her younger sister's wedding a few years ago. She began by saying that she never liked her sister's new husband throughout high school and that 'today he's still at the level of slightly below the scum on the bottom of a dirty waste pond.'"

"I attended a wedding where the best man commented on how the bride used to work at Hooters (which her family didn't know about) and how he was jealous of the groom for 'bagging her.'"

"During the toast the groom's dad (after many drinks) said that he was so happy for his son and his beautiful wife Sara. But his wife's name wasn't Sara, his ex-girlfriend's was."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Male monkeys lose the hair on their heads in the same way men do!

These are some really cool facts i found out about!

1)Coffee beans aren't beans - they're fruit pits.
"thats funny, always thought they were beans, o well, now i gotta go to starbucks and get their motto fixed, and I got proof!"

2) Male monkeys lose the hair on their heads in the same way men do.
"thats so cool!!altho, i havent seen any bald monkeys before, have u? if they do, how long do they take to grow old? 500 yrs? cos i see no bald monkeys in my time! "

3)Babies start dreaming even before they're born.
"awww, thats so cute!!its like entertainment before birth!!"

4)President Bush and Saddam Hussein both have their shoes made by the same Italian shoemaker!
"thats just a wierd coincidence! i think the italian guy did something to their shoes, that made them hate each other so much! gotta find that guy ppl!"

5)A shrimp's heart is in its head.
"sometimes i think, so is a human's"

6) When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour.
" that is super uber fast!"

7)A blue whale's heart is the size of a Volkswagen Beetle!
"thats huge kan, imagine, that whales gotta be really big hearted and kind!!"

8)The female pigeon cannot lay eggs if she is alone. In order for her ovaries to function, she must be able to see another pigeon.
" omg!, shes so dependent!!thats so bad, imagine having to count on someone else just so ur ovaries will work!"

9)Giraffes are unable to cough
"poor tall things! wat if they have a cold?how will they express themselves! (???)"

10)On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.
"thats a wise way of saying, dont suck ur ballpoints ppl!!"

i am awfully confused..!

I was in Borders the other day, waiting to meet one of my Dad's officers to discuss about some University issues. Starbucks surely does cure an ailing soul. Its environment, the aroma of coffee beans and steamed milk, along with a variety of sweet smelling blueberry and chocolate muffins stirs even the blandest senses. Theres that warm fuzzy feeling of comfortness and loveliness. So while waiting for him to arrive, I picked an empty table and started to look around for books. When I came back, the table next to me was occupied with two men aged around their twenties.

So i opened the book and started indulging myself into the authors thoughts, characters and plots, then suddenly,

ppprroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttt preet!!

i heard a huge gaggle of laughter and turned to look at the two boys. One of them caught me looking and said, "sorry, did that smell horrible cos I just had lunch?"

wat was I supposed to say? "oh no, it wasnt that bad, cud have smelt worse", or "umm, yeah, it stank like heck", or "u noe, i didnt quite get to smell it, could u fart again pls?".i mean come on ppl,ive never had anyone asking me how their fart smelt like.!
so i just gave them a simple "umm, tak perasan pun"

and the guy answered back, "o ye ke, saya ingat agak busuk, but takpe la kalau awak tak perasan."


he obviously has thin skin.

so after that incident, my thoughts were disturbed, i couldnt concentrate on the book, actually from that moment on, i really didnt know a toot about wat went on in the book. All I was thinking about was this one single curious question.

"Should one be embarassed of farting in public?"

so here's wat i think.

the pros:

1) everyone farts
2) noone doesnt fart (isnt that the same as number 1, owh watever)

the cons :
1) well, its just plain embarassing.
2) its disgusting
3) the smell is gross
4) the farts that comes with sound, numerous sounds, are awful
5) some farts are silent kilers
6) farts are partly methane. its dangerous for the environment and its society.

so yeah, im still contemplating on the question, but so far the cons outnumber the pros, so im guessing,it is embarassing??

care to share some thoughts ppl?

i am awfully confused!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lets help us...

I was reading some articles on the web about poverty around the globe. It really is sad to think how very backwards some people can be as the world forwards. Their lives are just a matter of lets-get-through-a-day-alive concept, with no eagerness or will to do anything but remain in tortured conditions. Obviously the world is maturing, but in the same time, a morally deteriorating haven. For some, its just a habitat on the verge of destruction, taking their lives with them as the world moves into more shallowness and absurdness.Some cannot be blamed, poorly developed governments, whose members consist of corrupted money-loving souls relishing on the country's wealth, waiting to reap more benefits, like wolves fighting with vultures over a pieces of meat.In the midst of such disgusting habits, these people can only pray for a new beginning, for a better opportunity, for a better life. They are like battered soldiers after war, wondering about how close to death they are as opposed to how close they are to life.

On the other hand.Its unbelievable how many have so many opportunities blessed upon them, but yet, are just thrown to waste. The story here is clear. The blessed need to help the not so blessed.

God has created us all special. He created us to give strength and hope to each other.Like what praying in a saff can do to oneself. According to scientific studies, when one stands in a saff, the energy is circulated and balanced. Now I understand why Allah says the pahala for solatul jamaah is more rewarding than praying alone. Just with praying in a saff, u get so many benefits. U meet people, u get ur energy balanced up, u get to be with Allah together as one. Masha Allah.

So back to the topic, we need to help each other. We need to constantly remind each other. The pictures Ive seen of bonestick children, covered in flies, with pieces of rotten meat flashing at bits n parts of their body, have really brought me back to Earth. Here I am, complaining about my life, constantly wishing I had more, when thousands more are literally rotting.

From reading the articles, I developed a sense of responsibility. The time is now. The time to start changing is now.

Love, the common thread woven through the tapestry of humanity heals us. We need to spread more of love. I now ponder about what these poor souls actually feel, is it the money that they wish for? or is it merely love? I was thinking more like this. When given money, I feel as though its similar to wrapping a gaping wound with Band Aid, its covered, but its still empty, the wound is never truly filled, the flesh is bare, easily infected by microbes and infections. This works exactly like the heart, u recieve the money, but ur heart is still empty, sadness, depression, stress enveloping it by the minute.
Many would say, Come on, thats crazy, give love? wat the heck, theyre like dying there, and u want to give them love. Of course, in this modern world, people need money to survive, but what i think is that there should be money and love, with love balancing heavier on the balance scale.Honestly, if u really think about it, it kinda hits home.

For an example, many people overcome their stress in many different ways. Some gamble till they lose their family and home, some berate their children and abuse their wives, some drink and smoke too much, killing themselves solftly as packets and bottles goes by. Some eat, become so obese, that a fireman is needed to cut a hole, just so that the paramedics can evacuate them out of the house when in emergency. Really, all this is happening. And it affects the individuals so bad. Some lock themselves at home, make it their holy tomb, too afraid to present themselves to others, to broken up inside to accept others.

The truth is, humans were all created from love, and its only logic that everything goes back to love. We were born as a product of love, love from God, love between our parents. When deprived, the soul is sick and naked, stripped off its joyfulness and peace.

People need to slip off their crude attitude, and slip on their love. Many of course do not even bother. They live their lives selfishly without caring about their surroundings. Of course, not all of us are cast in the vein of a caring angel. Our innate prejudice is palpable. We often get carried away with life's pleasures. Surely its not wrong once in a while, but continously?

Of course, not all of us carry big pockets and stashed cash, but all of us can aim and dream, of doing one great worthy deed before we leave this huge but little sphere of land. A little something means a lot of things.

So,what about now?
Lets together start looking at things in a different way. We need to start opening our cloistered eyes. Lets learn to love and appreciate others more.

Lets help us.

We can. Now, its just a matter of showing that we can.

ps: fuyohh, wasnt that one heck of a serious post. sungguh dasyat.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

aku ni anak jati malaysia tau, jangan main dengan aku, aku gangsta.

the other day, i was passing by a group of strangers who seem extremely strange in a professional way. Which basically means they're strange to the core.

Ok, this is why.

I was walking, of course, the usual me, wasting time as though I owned it. I passed by this strange group of people. (im just repeating now rite) So anyways, there were around 4 boys and 5 girls. The boys were like sprawled on the dirty floor, the girls, sprawled on the boys, as if there was no more space on the floor for humankind. So I stared, obviously, why wouldnt I, forgive me but I thought a mass murder just happened and the bodies were just left to rot there, until, only until I found out that they were still pretty much alive.

So this is wat I did.
The group of people were not moving. So I moved in a little closer, and was like "umm,should I be calling the ambulance or wat?". Then, starting to feel really worried, I moved in closer.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", the girl on this skinny guy's leg screamed.

I was like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" TOO of course, i mean wat the heck people, u just dont go screaming at people, especially when they're pondering on whether ur alive or not.

THe whole group sprung to life, and I clambered nervously. It was freaky. The boys were bald with this thin line of hair in the middle, which i suppose the barber forgot to nip off.The girls, were in those colourful tights with beautiful holes that only make one look so much more uglier. So I panicked, I mean what am I supposed to do people? It was like the modern version of the Adams family, except more freakier and less cartoony, duhh.

So obviously, when one panics, one doesnt often think well. I just straightened up my clothes and scarf, and said sorry repeatedly. They just stared at me, and for a second, i really thought they were not actual humans. Trauma people. I developed trauma that day.

So one of the girls shouted, loudly.

"Weyh, ko pahal, ko nak cari gaduh ke?"

And Im like, "nape nak cari gaduh pulak?"

And she was like "mana la aku tahu"

And I said "awak tak tahu, nape nak tanya pulak, eh pelik betul la ye"

And she just punched one of her friends and gave that finish-it-off-for-me look.

So the other girl came up right to my face and spat out "weyh, ko gile ke ha?"

And of course, thats kinda stupid to ask seeing the fact that I am really not crazy. I easily answered "Eh, takkan gile kot"

And she was just dumbfounded. She nudged her other friend, who gave her back an omg-i-cant-handle-this kinda look.

I smiled and said "Macam ni la, sorry sebab menganggu, tapi sebenarnya saya ingat korang tu tadi dah out of order, sebab nampak pun macam out of order, jadi itu la sebabnye saya diri dekat sikit, nak check betul ke tak out of order nye.Risau la jugak, sebab jarang jugak nampak budak bersepah macam ni kat tepi jalan kan"

Then a boy said "Eh ko ada masalah ke ha"

And Im like "Eh takde, kan saya baru je explain semua, takkan tak paham kot."

And hes like "Memang la aku paham, ko ingat aku bodoh tak paham bahasa melayu ke ha, aku ni anak jati malaysia tau, jangan main dengan aku, aku gangsta."

At that moment, it reached the pinnacle, that was just to funnny of a speech, i mean come on, anak jati, then gangsta? I laughed so loudly and really was out of breath.I bet if nisa heard it, we'd be both laughing our butts off.

So then they just stared at me, maybe I shouldnt have laughed so loud, cos maybe they'd really think I was crazy then kan. O well, watever, hu cares.

So I said "Maaf, agak kelakar la apa yang awak cakap tadi"

And the guy just butted in without introduction and said "Eh, jangan panggil aku awak okay, pangil aku abu gangsta. Aku la yang tergangsta, engko jangan nak main acilok dengan aku ok budak"

Ok, now, its just turning into a stand up comedy.

So quite hurt, I answered back "oi dengar sini ye abu gangsta, nama saya bukan budak okay, nama saya gangstarz. Lagi hebat, lagi dasyat, lagi menyengat."
Really I was just talking rubbish again. As usual. but this time, to so called scrawny looking gangstas who just left me gagging.

So he just stared at me and looked at the rest. And I left them no time for rebuttal." Umm, takpelah, sorry sebab menganggu, lain kali jangan la duk berselerak tepi jalan macam ni, susah orang nak lalu, pape pun, abu gangsta, u rock la bro, tapi u kena change ur style sikit, tukar imej kemas sikit, baru hensem, baru orang pandang tinggi sikit. Ni abu gangsta pakai macam ni, mana nak dapat hormat, saya pun ingat out of order tadi."

he quickly replied
'eh, betul ke hensem?" and turns around to his mates with a smile so bright.

"Betul la, dari pakai terkoyak sini, terpotong situ, baik pakai yang smart2. Kan?" I asked his other friends. They suprisingly nodded with a look of wierdness in their face.

"eH, babes, aku rasa betul la cakap minah ni, eh silap gangstarz ni, aku rasa kt tukar imej la, tak cun pun sbenarnya, kt gaya smart sikit.okay ke babes?"

"o a'ah la kan"

They turned to me. "Terima kasih sebab menegur, kalau tak, da lam ktorg terbiar kat sini. Memang takde matlamat hidup pun."

So I said "HAH,lepas ni, ramai2 la korang gi cari matlamat hidup masing2, baru cool, baru nampak cam hero. Ala, duduk macam ni tak bawa kt ke mana2 pun, no future, wat a waste u guys."

They all said "Betul betul. Papepun terima kasih la."

"No problem, were all Muslims, we're one, God created us to help each other."

They smiled( Im hoping they understood wat i just said), and said "ktorg nak gi mandi la, sbenarnya da 3 minggu tak mandi."


lesson : always bath. never sleep on roads. always have a goal in life. Thank Allah, we're here because of him.

Lets say it together : Thank u Allah for al the blessings u give me, my family and my loved ones. Ameen.

and again. Always bathe regularly. Very important. Thank you.

baking my stress with cranberries...

I was so stressed with exams the other day, i decided to bake. Yup I bake.

So first I sat down, thinking and wondering what I should bake. Brownies, done that before, butter cake, boring, blueberry and cheese pie, done that, ummm..

Cranberry slices!! It really is soo delicious, not that I love to brag or anything, which is quite ridiculous to say seeing the fact that I just said it was delicious. Anyways, really, I feel like I should make a book and share the recipe, do a grand book opening ceremony at MPH, get and force everyone to buy the book,(since Im getting that eerie feeling that no one's actually going to buy the book), and be famous! Now I know what all those famous chefs do, they literally just sell their accomplishments! Its like the simple road to success. Just wake up one day, go bake a cake, if it turns out delicious, u noe ur going to be famous. Again I am speaking nothing but nonsense. What an accomplishment. A clear sign that I should quit those book dreams of mine.

by the end of the day, Alhamdulillah, the stress evaporated.Poof into the air.I baked the stress out with the cranberries.Baking was like a medium to help me get over the stress. Of course, Allah is the Only One who relieves stress, the baking, a medium i repeat.

The recipe :
Flour, butter, sugar, egg white to brush the top, dried cranberries, in other words, crannies, and a little icing sugar to sprinkle over the top.

The result.



Alia's twin (who didnt bake) : berlagak betul okayy..kecoh "lah"..prasan sedap je..hmmmph..
pape je "lah". watever perasan okayy, like ingat terrer ke, padahal kan, tak terrer langsung okayy, just cakap je pandai okayy..

Alia who actually baked the cake : Okayy la.Sudah la tu. yang ye nye, dia jugak yang telan satu balang..tak sedar ke diri tu..

to lah or not to lah..

Malaysians. U just cant get enough of them.

Its akward how a Malaysian's day cannot pass without saying lah. its lah here, lah there, lah everywhere. eG:

Saya rasa saya sakit"lah" doktor.

Alaa, bang, kurang skit "lah" harga tu bang..(god that sounded extremely gedikish with all the bang'ish.)

Kenapa"lah" hero tu mati..Cacat betul "lah"

Tolong letak lebih kuah "lah" kak.

Ok, its getting kinda tiring..

So with that, I hereby declare that a Malaysian is not complete without a "lah".I think its in our DNA. We just cant get enough of it..We love the lah, and nothing, not even modern technology or the space era can change that. Its who we are. Its what bonds us. macam lagu celine dion,the power of love. But for malaysians, its the power of LAH! WUHOOO...

I am definitely proud to say that im Malaysian, its like the best. Alhamdulillah, God has blessed us with so many nikmat, and we have to do nothing but thank him constantly. Because, kalau tak, nikmat ditarik lah..Apa lah..Ayoo, macam mana mau berjaya kalau tah bersyukur lah..

To all Malaysians, we instead of ROCK, we LAH!!!


god, they ask to much..

Whats your middle name?
- ok, its Puteri Alia Adeeba, but people call me Alia, so then would Adeeba be considered my middle or last name..Or is Alia my middle name.hmm,Very confusing..

How big is your bed?
- wow, no one's asked me that before. queen size it is.

What are you listening to right now?
- the ruccus made by the construction workers next door.Its like bang bang bang, boom boom boom.But the house is still not up after a year, i wonder now wat they are banging.

What was the last thing you ate?
- my homemade cranberry slice..sedapp tau..haha

How is the weather right now?
- the weather is in between too hot, hot and not so hot.

Do you wear contacts/glasses?
- not really.

Favorite holiday?
- Italy

Favorite Season?:
- Thats not such a valid question to ask rite?I mean considering the fact that we have no seasons to choose.Its just summer, and summer.
And summer..

Have you ever cried over a girl/boy?
- a context,im thinking no, cos that would be quite wierd,u noe,but in reality, over a friend,Maryam, yup, have cried. A boy, about a boy, about a lelaki, sudah dong..I should have saved my tears for Allah. Dang it, I'll do that next time.

Last Movie you Watched?
- The accidental Husband. and I watched that accidentally.

What books are you reading?
- umm, books? how about a book? or maybe half a book, although a quarter of a book sounds more like it. but then again, nope, not read a story book since ages.

- got two. one in my heart.cheh jiwang beb. and the other one in my stomach.quite hungry actually.

Favorite Movie?
- not so sure

Favorite college football Team?
- umm.adni?football?dont think there's a could there even be one, the field is concrete. taylors? dont care.

What were you doing before filling this out?:
- thinking about not thinking.

Any pets?
- yup. cats.

Dogs or cats?
- ummm, cats?

Favorite Flower?
- the answer would have to be anything but bunga tahi/taik/tait ayam.

Have you ever loved someone?
- umm? is that even a question?

Who would you like to see right now?
- my lovely mates

Have you ever fired a gun?
- no, but i wish to.

Do you like to travel by plane?
- i didnt, but that changed when i found out how to not smell the disgusting smell of the food and also the lemony scent they have at the entrance.

Right-handed or Left-handed?
- right-handed.

If you could go to any place right now where would you go?
- the beach.

Are you missing someone?
- yup. missing a lot of those special people.

Do you have a tattoo?
- nope. but i have the song tattoo.does that count as having a tattoo?

Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?:
- nope, but if i had a chance to, id watch a sonic the hedgehog marathon.

Are you hiding something from someone?
- yup, my hair, from the boys of course.

Are you eighteen?
- yup

What is the wallpaper on your cellphone?
- some random ugly pattern

Did you get enough sleep last night?
- nope, but then again , i dont know when its ever enough

First thing you thought about this morning?
-o no, its morning..

Grilled or fried?
- both.

What makes you unique?
- wow, if i answer that, wouldnt i be like a self concieted person..?o well, who cares, im extremely cool..hahaha..people will kill me for saying that..

Are you afraid of the dark?
- that sounds like a movie.

Favorite hangout?
- not sure

Three things you can't live without?
- Islam, money and my loved ones.

Favourite song?
- they just sound nice for a short while, then they just start sounding like nuinsance.

What are you afraid of?
- saying goodbye.

Are you a giver or taker?
- i take a lot.give, not so sure.

Stuck on a deserted island and could take one thing?
- ooo, thats hard, caught me there..umm, i think, ill think about that for a while.

Favourite Tv Commercial?
- pampers!!selamat pagi, chakkk. i remember i had to act that out at the syabab and fatayat camp.

Whos your cellphone provider?
- celcom.the power is in ur x, got it all.altho, i dunno y till this very day.I mean what can an X do?rite?

First thing you save from fire?
- someone who's in the fire.

Whats you're fav color?
- blue and green

What are the things you always take with you?
- my phone.

What do you usually do when the clock turns 11:11?
- whatever that I do at 11:11 obviously.what kinda question is that?

The color of your bedsheet?
- a paper mache of colours.

What do you think before you go to sleep?
- omg, this is nikmat?

the epitome of scaryness....

i have always spent hours just trying to figure out what unpoisonncynicalcynide means. I mean is it supposed to mean anything, or is it like a figure of speech kinda thing, or is it something that doesnt actually exist. Because u see, cyanide is this chemical compound, that has a triple covalent bond with lone pairs of electrons.It looks abit like this. Ok , well, not a bit, it actually looks like this.

So I have learnt, cyanide, when mixed with other compounds, or just left on its own, is extremely poisonous. It can kill. So how is it unpoison?

This is something that only my dear loveable trooper knows. Rab, care to explain? Im sooo confused. Ive even had dreams about it. But of course in my dream, cyanide killed me and hence according to my understanding, it is poisonous.

Whatever, thats Rab. She makes me think, she makes me laugh, she makes me stressed, she makes me happy, she makes me worry about her, she's just THE pain in my ass, but then again, the good kinda pain.(there's a good pain??wow).She's there to listen to my rubbish, my thoughts, my complaints, my moodswings, my frustrations, sometimes I even wonder if she has nightmares about me. I was thinking this sort of nightmare.

*that night, after much assignments, rab finally sleeps.
then this is the part where I come. which looks exactly like this, but more scary, of course, come on people.*

*then suddenly, rab finds herself in the woods, alone. Because I mean if she wasnt alone, then it'd be half scary. We want maximum scary here. So yeah, she's alone.*

*then this is the epitome of scaryness. Im behind her, with a knife.Ooooooooo.Scarrry..* (im trying not to laugh, cos this is just plain stupid,but if I do laugh, its just not scary so, wuuu, im scared.*

*then boooo, chakk, im here, but of course rab cant see me, cos someones hands are covering someones face. That someone, we have to pretend, is me, apparently*

*suddenly, out of the blue, white and green, Im in the corridor, and by this time, rab should be screaming, cos its plain freaky.rite? Well, she should be.Loudly*


*now that's scary..!!*

rAB : I love u!! hahaha =P