Wednesday, December 30, 2009

flights and destinations.

i want to go skiing. i want to stand at the highest peak of Mount Everest. I want to bathe in my own bathroom at home. Home meaning the only one place that'll ever be considered home, that one in Malaysia.

but most of all, right now. i nk pegi travel weiiiii. :) nk pegi mane eh? mcm nk pegi austria. south africa pun mcm bes. chicago mmg sgt nk because nadi's there. anywere is fine, as long as its somewhere new, because


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

time flies and keeps on flying.

teratak iskandar. teratak manja. teratak lalala.

all i need now is teratak istirehat. teratak utk sorok buku. teratak no -medik.

life is busy, but we'll somehow make and find time. i hope.

but in your quest at finding time, never try FLYing :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

post-exam :)

" nadi nadi nadi!!!!!!! Allah is by my side. I swear to you Allah loves me!! terharuuuuu gile wei nadi. i found my purse. Someone called me, kata she found my purse. nadi, i am so so so so so happy like kentut. estatic like kentut nadi. and exam was not so bad, better than i expected. not that it was ok like super ok, but better than if it were to suck kan.ngeee. you see, its good i did a pre-essay exam kan. hahaha

happy happy happy nadi. now i seriously wish we could stare at future husbands and blue eyeds all day long.

jap, but then Allah would be mad. and I wouldnt want to make Allah upset, because He's done so much more than any blue eyeds that would have ever crossed the face of this earth, soooo, lets just wait for our real husbands and stare at him after the wedding. haha. baru islamic skit kan. hehe :D

ke u nk tgk jgk? hahahaha <3 "

life turns out so good when u think its at its worse. So smile, cause u never know when something good good good might happen between all that stress and problems.

good luck

"Dear nadi, i lost my purse. ni stress tahap tension :D n i know that sentence shudnt have ended with a smile, but o well, who cares. stressy tensed up ppl shudnt care kan.

pastu tomorrow i have an exam. and at this moment, im wishing chicago was next door, u know so that i cud have a long hot shower, eat good food, listen to good music, mess with ur hair, stare at blue eyed hotties while we talk about our future husbands, and then, after much repenting and praying, walk to the exam hall. i miss you cousin.

o how i wish. haha.pray for me kentut. yeah, im using kentut too much these days, even someone said its starting to sound very-the-lucah. haha :D "


good luck people. remember, stress never gets u anywhere, not even chicago. :D

the start of nothing.

this blog is super not updated. super dusty. and if it were a house, no one, not even any houseworker with a pay of half a million would want or even attempt to clean it up.

So because today's exam, and people shouldnt be wasting their time with unnecessary activities, ive decided to break that rule and create a Medical Guiness World Record by updating my blog.

check list :

Wasting time : check
Tomorrow's exam : check
Unnecessary activity : check.

yup, definitely, i have made it. the record is mine.

So here, Id like this post to be my official boost to start updating again. O hang on, ive said that before, n i stopped updating, so noooo, I wont say it again. I take it back. Ill update whenever I want to. Eventhough Im blabbing to myself, this is good. it feels good. Something feels good.

haha. yea yea watever.

the end.