Sunday, May 17, 2009

Glory Glory Manchester United :P

Silence. Everyone's silent, biting their nails till the buzzer goes off.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, TIME OUT. Manchester United Wins.

Fans explode with happiness, the Arsenalies sigh in defeat, Liverpoolians withstand humility as Manchester match Liverpool's mark of 18 league championships,

and everywhere, Manchester United is chanted.

So they won, theyre the topic of the males. The pockets of coffee shop owners are filled, cigarettes are smoked. Some get into war, either a war of words, hands, or weapons, some celebrate with dignity.

This is the atmosphere when someone wins the EPL. Having Manchester United as the winners, well that just makes things alittle bit more exciting.

So here and there, fans are celebrating.

And in Alex, the excitement is felt too. Amongst many normal medical students, bored faces and yawning mouths, Manchester United is still standing tall. haha.

* i am not a fan of Manchester United, nor any other football club. I just love the buzz. And no, I dont think Ronaldo is as gay as many think he is :) *

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tribute To My Umi

Happy Mother's Day Umi.

Umi. You are a very lucky Umi. :)
Wanna know why?'s
1) Because you have a Puteri Alia Adeeba binti Azlan Meah as your daughter.
2) Because you have an Ahmed Adrees bin Azlan Meah and an Ahmed Ariff bin Azlan Meah as your twin sons.
3) Because you have an Azlan Meah bin Haji Meah as your husband.
4) Because you get to celebrate Mother's Day twice this year. Once with me in March in
London. And the other one with a part of me, and my twin brothers in Malaysia, TODAY.
5) Because you are the cutest Umi, the best Umi, and the loveliest Umi.
6) Because we love you and will always love you till akhirat.

Umi, thank you for all your sacrifices, ur hardwork, your sleepless nights, your 9 months hardship and pain, your love, your forgiveness, your guidance, your teachings, your warmth.

I wish I could hug you now, tell you how much I love you face to face. I wish I could give you everything and anything I want. I wish I could bring you to Umrah and Haji ( although I know Baba's got something planned there :) Ooops, shouldnt have told you that Umi. I bet you know already.hehe ) I wish I could always be there for you whenever you call my name, even if its to make you tea or water the plants. I wish I could wake up every morning to your smile and your motherly smell. I miss your ramblings, I miss your lectures, I miss you Umi.

May Allah bless you with nothing but Goodness, wellbeing, good health, and most importantly. Jannah.
My every prayer will always have my Umi in it.
I love you Umi. More than Words.

I spend 364 days thinking about you, but it is today that i finally get to say...

Umi, Happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Allah's horses

Ever heard, read, or watched the story Black Beauty? If you havent, then please do. Because until you've heard, read, or watched that, this is what you would do to Allah's creation, The Horse.

Its disgusting the amount of torture these people do to the horses. Its a horrible act. The horse is so tiny compared to the load it has to carry. It has to walk through traffic, dust, noise, horns, and heat. Its nose sometimes just touching the boot of a car.
This is cruelty.

Mostly, the horses I see here are so thin, their ribcages can be seen, their legs scratched with marks and painful scars that are present due to its owner's beating, and also due to the tight bars that are so closely put near their legs. During feeding, their heads are put into a bag which contain their food, and whilst eating, they still have to work.
When can they rest? When can they breathe? When can they not feel pain?

Even we humans cant stand the buzyness of this city at times, its noise, its dust, what about these poor little horses? They probably work from morning to evening without rest.

I wish I could change this. I wish I could abolish this act of cruelty.
Its inhumane.

These are Allah's horses, they shouldnt be treated this way.

*Someone has to stop this. I wish I could. *

Sunday, May 3, 2009

lets fight to be that someone :)

Today, we only had one practical class. Anatomy. If it wasnt for anatomy, we would be singing in the sun and frolicking on the beach. That would have been nicer. So at 12, off we went to the anatomy department. Today, or can I sum up as this sem, its all about the muscles. And here, Id like to officially say, it is tough. Remembering muscles, nerves and the things that come with them, its tough.

So after anatomy, we went off for lunch, and had some juice with Nabila. Lemon juice, kaw i tell you. mantop! Whilst sipping my lemonade, at the street where Shaz and Ika stay, school busses passed us. And at first I thought it was a group of schoolchildren who were just shouting and not sitting still in bus. It was only when 3 buses passes, and the same thing happened, that made me curious as to what those children were so excited about.

I put down my lemonade, and went outside. To see this.


This is cute. haha. It reminds me of my sekolah rendah days. But only, we didnt get to do this on the buses. It reminds me of my innocent, naive times.

The times when no problems even stepped into my life. The times when I would get in trouble because of stupid things. It reminds me of my no-responsibility days, it reminds me of my stress-free ways.

Plus, this picture reminds me of my grandparents, who'd when I was small, would always constantly be on my side, "manja"ing me, giving me so much love and attention. An old wrinkled hand would give abit of their life to a small innocent hand.

I miss them. I wish we had more time together.

Then we decided to go search for our house for next year. Today seemed like a busy day for the arabs. The roads were packed, and the cars were everywhere. The air seemed static, not so cold, not so warm.

We decided to stop at the masjid before searching. Game' Ibrahim is such a cooling and peaceful place. Rasa tenang sangat bila duduk situ. Feels like theres no place on earth as peaceful as that small worship space. Next door, the men, our Muslim men are praying. Outside everyone are hard workers, inside here, everyone's completely lost in their Lord.

Away from the buzyness of the city,

someone is praying, someone is remembering his Lord, someone is thankful, someone is grateful.

Alhamdulillah. Lets fight to always become that someone, inshaAllah :)

i hate you.

Everyone’s looking for housemates. Some have problems in searching housemates, some don’t. So lets sit down, think about what we’ve done to others, before we throw the blame at them for not liking you or picking you as their housemate. And to those who have chosen their housemates, you have a big responsibility to carry on your back now. You’ll have to tolerate, be patient, and withstand all kinds of behavior from each of your housemates.

Everyone’s different. Love them for their difference.

So, without all of the above, this is what would happen when two hearts clash.

“I hate you. I think you should go to hell. ”, said person A in a shrieking voice.

“Oh yeah, well I hate you too, and I hope I don’t meet you in hell.” , said person B in a similar shrieking voice.

Often we’ve muttered these words, and often, with these words, we cause so much hurt and pain to someone else. Most of us have probably had this conversation at least once in our lives. Maybe twice, maybe thrice. Many of us fret over the weaknesses of others, often criticizing and mocking them, whilst they themselves have many ugly weaknesses to start with. Remember, for everytime we point a finger to someone, three fingers point back in our direction. ((try it out))

When someone comes to us, screaming and yelling, we blow up, possess all the symptoms of inflammation, ie ;hotness, redness, swelling, and then within minutes, BOOM, it goes from acute to chronic. Our brain cells undergo necrosis, causing us to forget how to think. We start to yell back, and there you have it, a friendship goes through the apoptosis process.

We take many things for granted in our life. We take air for granted. We take it for granted that the sun will rise again. Similarly we take it for granted that the friendship will never suffer. But that is false. If we don't water the plant of our friendship regularly, our friendship will suffer and we may create distance with our close friends.

Friendship is about sharing good times, bad times, smiles and tears. Friendship is made of sharing trust, honesty, and love for each other. Friendship, ukhuwwah, is about uniting hearts.

And for those who have fought with their friends, left them, or hated them with all their hearts,

Come on, grow up. Forgive and forget.

May Allah bless our hearts, and unite them together like two papers stuck with “gam gajah”. :)

I miss.

I miss my Umi.

I miss her, her smile, her laugh, her cookings, her ramblings. But most of all, I miss her Love, her warmth, her hugs, her kisses,


I miss my Baba.
I miss him, his smile, his laugh, his moustache, his bald head, his jokes. But most of all, I miss his Strength as a Leader, his warmth, his smell,


I miss my Adiks.

I miss them, their smile, their laugh, their bongokness, their ways, their cheekiness, their noise. But most of all, I miss the adik kakak fights, their cute asses, their small growing moustaches,

Theres a time in life where we have to stop.Pause.We need to rethink our ways. Often, happiness comes in so many ways. And often when we're overwhelmed with such happiness, sadness takes over.

Here, Id like to share a story, a story about friends. Might be made up, might not be made up.
Here it goes.

A and B are close. Getting closer by the day. Then when u think things could not get any better, a problem hits home real fast. A gets mad with B because of a minute, small misunderstanding.

This small misunderstanding turns into something big, huge.

A stops talking to B. Starts ignoring B. A starts to act differently with B. When B speaks to A, A turns on a deaf ear.
B tries to solve matters. B tries to give time and B tries to understand.

In the end, things get awkward, and that friendship changes.

"That pure friendship is now tainted with anger and hatred. "

Moral of the story : Please, please treasure your friends. They're the pearls in your life that are hard to find, and yet easy to be gone.


Thank you.