Monday, March 15, 2010

Stop being an ass and start becoming a friend for Gods sake.

I may not be the world’s greatest friend, but the world has certainly taught me a thing or two about how to be a friend.
Firstly, the world is not yours, you share it with other people, so stop acting like you own it and want everything to go your way. And kalau things don’t go your way, stop complaining, stop whining, accept it like a man and deal with it. But jgn la deal with it smpai everyone around you pun affected , deal diam2 sudah la.
Second, when you have a friend, treasure her/him, even if it seems like making friends is an easy thing, each individual you meet and will meet in your life will bring something different for you to learn  in your life.
Third, if your’e angry with someone, tolong la jangan tunjuk. Please. This is not something mature to do. Come on, we’re already 20 or nearing 20, act like a grown up, don’t be childish. Dah, your childish days are over, its time to get real and face reality. Nk ejek org yg dh 20 tahun tu dh tua takpe, tp sedar2 la diri tu pun nk 20 dh ye.  
Fourth,  Live by the golden rule. Always treat a friend as you would want to be treated. Don't do or say anything that you wouldn't want done to you. Be there through thick and thin. Ni bila senang dia je la ada kat sebelah, bila susah, haaa batang hidung pun tak nmpak. Jgn la mcm tu kawan, tak bes la.
Fifth, I know that no one is perfect and no one can be all nice and comel at all times, but please apologize and forgive and don't hold a grudge. Pastu kan, bila dh apologize tu, jgn la buat hal balik after 30 mins. Its not funny. Lama2 nnt org tak accept your apology padan muka. Mmg senang nak kata sorry, but please mean it when you say it. 
Sixth, don’t be selfish la sayang, tolong, ni perangai buruk. Stop it.
Seventh,  jangan sombong. Bila kt igt tudung kt cantik, ada org lain pakai tudung lg cantik, sama la dgn manusia, bila kt igt kt hebat, ada yg lagi hebat.
Eighth, klu dh moody tu, jgn la biar org lain pun moody ye. Paham2 je la orang lain pun ada masalah sendiri, takyah nk tolong tambahkan.
Ninth, try your best to not hurt anyone. Even if it seems impossible, just trying will inshaAllah avoid you from hurting at least 3-4 of the 10 ppl you might hurt when you don’t try.
Tenth,  jgn jadi a hypocrite. For Allah’s sake jangan.  Jangan nk buat baik depan org lain, pastu bila org lain dh takde jd kentut balik.
Eleventh, bila dh pasang niat nk mencari kawan tu, jgn la cari musuh ye.
Twelfth, bila marah kat org tu, jangan tunjuk pastu tak terangkan nape awak mrh, kesian la kat kawan tu, abis dia berpikir siang malam dia buat salah ape.

Adakah alia azlan marah? Mungkin.
Ni nasihat tuk alia azlan jgk ke? Ye.
Anda terasa? Sorry la yang, jgn la marah, kt kan kawan.
Kawan kan kene saling mengingati. xxx

Thirteenth, bila Almas Alias kasi kt hadiah, kata la terima kasih. Soo, Almas, thank you for the beautiful bantal. I love it. Just like how I love you. Kau la sahabat, kau la suami, kau la isteri. 

Fourteenth, bila hari ni 14/3, bila hari ni birthday housemate saya, Siti Nabila Binti Sheikh Yahya, wish la dia. Haha
Happy birthday Bella. I love you till death do us apart. Bila kamu menangis, saya menangis *mcm td* haha, bila kamu mengantuk dlm kelas, saya pun mengantuk.