Saturday, April 17, 2010

cause its you that i care about.

 Turn up the music, let the rain pour.
take of your shoes, and run out the door.
dont' turn back cos you've come so far, if u cant hold back the tears, dont even try.
god made it rain, so that the rain would cover up ur cry.

you know whats in my heart. no explanations needed. just know that even if you're in camp shezar and im in manshiah, no distance will separate me from you, cause you will always be in my thoughts. 

 if you need strength, im here for you. 
if you need me, i'll be there for you. 

and whatever happens, we turn back to HIM. cause He knows better and He plans the best plans.
and everyday, 

and if we feel like there's something we need to let go, even if its hard, just let go cause
and whatever happens, just

cause everything that happens is part of HIS plan.

 nti masih igt tak slogan hidup kt time kat Jordan tu.
let go let flow

im here for you nissy elle.just like how ur always there for me.

luv, ally D xxxxx