Wednesday, June 15, 2011


After months of absence, my return to this place brings no good news, unfortunately. I'm really sorry dear blogspot.

In life, I've always witnessed many being slandered and said bad words upon on websites, anonymous' playing their nasty silent games, but alhamdulillah never have i experienced such an experience. However, my expectations and good news ended 3 days ago when someone thought it was funny and cool to write something so absurd and unkind on Farhanah's blog. Thank you for your words, your thoughts and very message. Verily you have opened my eyes to reality, for that i thank you too, but you must know that words kill, and yours definitely did.

Please know that you came at the best of times, when I was the least stable, when I was just gathering my strength to overcome the stresses of life, when I was trying to get my real smile back. However, please know that whatever goes around, comes around. So on behalf of my friends, Id like to apologize for our wrongdoing, for the things we did that made you clearly mad and upset.

And to the people around me, I would like to apologize before hand if i get a tad bit emotional, its just that my sensitivity threshold is at its minumum, so please bear with me. hehe :)

and lastly, thank you to all those who have expressed their concern and love towards me. you truly are my knight in shining armour! May Allah bless all your efforts for trying to make me happy :)